The e5 Women and Girl’s Empowerment Project 

e5 is a 4-year-Big Lottery-funded project, designed to give women and girls residing in Keighley the opportunities and tools to be able to improve their lives and the quality of support available to them. 

Each e5 activity will provide a gateway to access women and girls, who may not necessarily be engaged in mainstream services, lacking in self-esteem, vulnerable and may be at risk of sexual exploitation, grooming, forced marriage and domestic abuse. The project is about prevention and addressing the likelihood of CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) and grooming through awareness raising and empowerment. The workshops and sessions intend to equip women and girls with the knowledge, tools and support needed to achieve our 5 e’s. 

The Keighley Association for Women and Children’s Centre (KAWACC) will be leading the project, alongside: Joint Activities & Motor Education Service (JAMES), Intercultural Communication & Leadership School (ICLS) and Keighley & Ilkely Voluntary Community Action (KIVCA). 

The e5 approach

ENABLE - More women and girls are able to reach their potential through the provision of better quality support.

EMPOWERED- Encourages women and girls to overcome barriers of fear and to find the inner strength, confidence and voice to shape and improve services and engage in other educational activities.

EDUCATED- Women and girls are educated so that they have an awareness and understanding of gender inequalities, confidence building, personal safety, team building, functional and leadership skills. 

ENGAGED- Women and girls are taking part in holistic, person-centered approaches that focus on building confidence and self-esteem, in the form of safe space conversations.

ENCOURAGED-Women and girls are encouraged to take positive steps in leading happier and healthier lives and to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.


This film was created to raise awareness about the myths surrounding CSE and grooming in the words of the young people of Keighley. Produced by United Keighley, filmed and edited by Scott Coulthard. Thanks to Keighley College for their support in making this film.

If you wish to access the e5 activities please contact us on:

 tel: 01535 667359 or email:

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