E5 Event 2018

The E5 event took place on the 24th of January 2018 at Keighley College.

 This event was the first celebratory event of E5 and it was a great success. Many women who attended the event found it very informative and knowledgeable. 

Some of the women were able to share their personal experiences of how they changed through the different available courses; and also how these courses have positively affected their daily lives and built on their confidence and skills. 

The women shared with us that they felt proud of themselves for presenting in front of a large audience as most had never done this and were initially nervous. 

The women were able to socialize with each other over some tea and biscuits; lunch was also provided. This was a good opportunity for the women to share their experiences with each other and make new friends.

The E5 funders were also present at the event and assisted in handing out certificates to women who have enrolled on courses; and also some women who have successfully completed the courses.